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signboards in chicago

If your business is in a storefront, then there is one thing you know for sure. You’re in for some steep competition from lots of businesses. To be one step ahead of everyone else, your business signs need to look crisp, professional, and they need to say something unique about your company.

Signboards can be run-of-the-mill, or you can make them unique. It’s all up to you. At Pro Image Chicago Signs we can show you clearly why our storefront signs are your best marketing tool when you want people to find your business and venture inside.

Featured Projects

signboards options

  • Channel Letters. Fabricated metal letters that can be internally illuminated.

  • Exterior Dimensional Letters. From simple lettering to cut-out logos, dimensional letter signs are a great way to advertise your business when you don’t need an internally illuminated sign.

  • Metal Logos. These storefront signs can be very clearly three-dimensional and look great on the outside of your business. Metal logos can also come in any color you like. You can also enjoy a lighted sign, which is a great feature that makes sure you attract customers day and night.

  • Mounted Digital Prints. Looking for an inexpensive way to display information? A mounted digital print is a great option when you don’t need the sign to be 3-dimensional, but you want it to last longer than a banner.

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