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Helping Chicago businesses stand out, get noticed and drive business.


Who we are

Pro Image Chicago Signs specializes in CNC Router interior and exterior signage. We are capable of designing and fabricating your display of any size to meet your needs and deadline.

Pro image Chicago Signs has been in business for over 21 years and you can see our work everywhere in the city and the suburbs.

Pro Image Chicago Sign is always ready to help you get your message out.

We work in the City of Chicago and surrounding areas.

Pro image chicago Signs is an Experienced sign-maker

With more than 21 years experience and we’re dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and the best quality sign solutions available in the industry today.

What we do

SiGN design

If you have your sign ready, great we'll bring it to life for you, but if you need some inspiration take a look at where you can find all kinds of fonts for your business.


Pro Image Chicago Signs also works with Handcut Designs a local Design Studio that specializes in Logo Design, Graphics and Web Development so you can also learn about those services if needed.


Except for unique local governmental conditions, Sign Studio may obtain the necessary sign and electrical permits required. If variances are required, then you and Sign Studio will work together to present your needs to the appropriate officials and obtain the approvals.

Sign Studio is a licensed contractor. It is recommended that you only work only with licensed contractors.

As with most things for businesses, oftentimes, you will need a permit. This is no different for signs as businesses require certain sign permits and site surveys for specific signs they want to put on display at their business premises. Serving the City of Chicago and surrounding areas since 1998, Pro Image Chicago Signs is fully capable of helping you obtain sign permits and site surveys for signs. 

Having and installing a sign for your business without a permit can result in fines and costly citations specially in a highly regulated city as Chicago and it will impact your business reputation.

At Pro Image Chicago Signs we will avoid any headaches to our clients by expertly submitting applications to the challenging process of sign permitting in the City of Chicago.

Sign Fabrication


Proper construction of your signs (that which conforms to the local codes and standards) is essential for a long lasting asset. Good workmanship is a must.

Sign Studio has many years of manufacturing experience in the sign industry. Experienced personnel and state of the art equipment ensure excellent product quality. Capabilities include: large format printing – both roll-to-roll and flatbed, computerized letter fabrication, computer routed lettering, computer cut vinyl, and more. We will provide your signs with long-lasting value, functional excellence and decorative appeal.


At Pro Image Chicago Signs we will provide expert opinions, analysis and recommendations to find find the best sign fit for your premises. Everything begins with a site survey which will give us all the information to put the structural plan together and render it to give you a visual understanding of the project.

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